About Us

We are a third-generation family-run mixed farm on Enville Estate.  We  grow cereals and grass and bale hay and straw aswell as rearing sheep and cattle.

There has been an equine livery yard at Checkhill Farm for over 20 years enabling people and their horses to stay and enjoy the countryside and outdoor way of life.

Following on from the popularity of our equine facility we want to give the opportunity to other four-legged friends and their families to join us at Checkhill.

We have securely fenced off an acre field with 6ft fencing in one of our fields in close proximity to the farm (also within walking distance to the local pub!)

Enabling dogs to run free without leash restriction and fear of them being stolen, lost or attacked .

A quiet place for a peaceful stroll or some concentrated training!

We have three dogs TiGi and Pip who are working cocker spaniels and our boys’ Tommie and Ollie’s best friends and a border collie who is our first sheepdog called Jessie who we are attempting to train once we have read the manual!

Pip and Ollie were both born in 2020 around the time of the UK lockdown period and this experience has compounded the necessity to offer safe access to all for exercise and open space of the countryside.